Started to Work on the Renovation

I have really started to work on the blueprint for the renovation of the house. It is exactly what I planned, more or less, when I bought the place three and a half years ago. Right now I am looking to see which of the people who build glass screened enclosures are going to give me the best deal on that job. Of course the idea is rather simple in theory. You start with the front porch and then you go out towards the right end of the house. I am thinking that it should be rather big when it is done, but that really depends upon how much the job is going to cost. You can not just start doing things and then later on figure out how it is going to be paid for. That has to be done before the first nail is driven and you have to be able to pay the price. It is really a bad idea to end up with a half finished job that you can not afford to complete.

The hope is that you have a big glassed in room with all sorts of plants along the edges of it. I have been growing herbs and such for a long time, that is not really possible all of the year round. I want to always have stuff like cilantro ready to chop up and put in the pot. I am not really going to be happy to go half of the way to be completely honest about it. The difference between what I want and what I can afford is the big problem however. The wonder is how much of the work I could do myself if that was the best option for me. Of course I have to be honest about my abilities.