Started to Look at a Home Alarm System Designs

I have been looking at a lot of home alarm systems reviews and thinking about what I want to do. Of course in fact I am thinking about home automation more than anything and how much smart home features will make sense for me. When you read about them, a lot of them really look like good ideas, but you have to think about what it is going to cost you and how much of a benefit you are going to actually get out of it. It is not something where you do it just so that you can show off to your friends, although in fact I suspect that there are plenty of rich people who do this sort of thing for no better reason than because they think it is really cool and they want to impress the other people they know with how smart they are. Of course this is only smart if you get a tangible benefit from it that is relatively cost effective.

I really like the idea of a keyless entry system. Of course if you had a truly smart home it would know who you are and let you in automatically. It would greet you at the door and have a cup of coffee hot for you when you came in. Of course that would be possible and it would also be quite expensive. There is not any reason why a house can not recognize the people who live there and greet them. If you have a smart phone, then the smart phone has a location on it. The house is easy to connect to your smart phone and so there is no reason the house is not going to know where you are and when you will be going through the door.