She Had Roof Damage from a Storm

When my mom asked me to help her find a good Fort Collins roofing company, I went to the Internet. I live nearly 90 minutes from her, so I couldn’t go there in person and pick out the best one. I figured the best way, even if I did live in her area, was to go online and look at the different websites of each roofer in the area. I also wanted to look at reviews on independent websites about the roofers who would potentially do her roof. The roof she has is mostly good, but a storm did cause some damage to it a few weeks ago.

It did not cause any leaking inside, but I knew that it was just a matter of time before it could do that. We needed her roof repaired quickly, so I wanted a company that would just fix the roof without trying to sell her a new one, and one that would do it as fast as possible. After looking over a number of roofing companies online, I felt that Red Diamond Roofing was really the only choice to fix Mom’s roof for her.

I liked that they have a good deal of experience. They have installed new roofs all over the area, but they have also repaired roofs that were damaged like my mom’s. We were able to get a free quote, and not once did they try to upsell us a new roof. They could tell that the roof was in good shape other than the part that was damaged by the storm, and that is what they gave a quote on. It was a reasonable price, so we went with them and have had no regrets at all. They were professional, efficient, and very friendly too. When it is time for her to get a new roof, they are the ones who will be doing it.