Services for Brick Paver Sealing

I just had some brick pavers installed as the front portion of my driveway, and as a sidewalk leading up to the house. They look pretty amazing right ow, and I am really glad that I put the money into this investment. However, I want to keep them looking this way, and so I have been reading about brick paver sealing as a way to make sure that they do not wear out too fast, and to help to keep them looking immaculate over time. I want to hire a company to do this for me though, because I do not really trust myself to do a good job, and I am sure that it is essential that the application of the sealant is done properly in order to make sure that it is effective.

So all in all it just seems like the type of thing that would be best to leave to someone who knows what they are doing, and has experience with applying brick paver sealant. I am eager to get this done soon, because I looked at the forecast and while it is supposed to be good weather for the rest of this week, the forecast calls for rain all of next week. I think that it is pretty important to get this sealant onto the pavers before all of the rain comes, in order to make sure that they are not damaged by it.

I am worried about mud and dirt and stuff getting in between the pavers, and who knows what else could happen because of a large amount of rain being dumped on freshly installed brick pavers. I just had this work done last week, and so I am eager to get it protected as soon as I can, because I want it to stay looking the way it does now.