My Son Got Me a Gift That I Really Appreciate

My son has always been interested in anything to do with plants. This has been true every since he was in his first year of high school. That coincided with the purchase of our first house, so he has taken care of my lawn ever since then, until he recently moved. Knowing that I was no good at it, I lamented that I might need to find lawn care in Littleton to keep my place looking good. He said that I should at least try at first, because it is very easy to do.

I took my son’s advice and tried to keep up with the maintenance of my yard. Some of it I did not do too badly with. Other things I could handle somewhat well. But what interested me is just how much time it takes to put into it. There is raking, watering, trimming, fertilizing, digging, assessing problem areas and so much more. I especially struggled with trying to figure out how to make problem plants better again, often losing them in the process because of my inexperience.

After calling my son repeatedly with all sorts of questions about how to care for things correctly, he called me back one day and surprised me with a gift certificate for one year of lawn service. He knows the guy who runs the little business, and said he is very trustworthy. I thought this was fantastic news!

The new guy who takes care of everything for me now is really good. I never thought to go out and bug my own child for advice whenever he handled it for me, so I did that a little bit with the new guy. He was very happy to share his knowledge with me. When my one year gift runs out, I will have a better idea of how to handle things on my own.