Learning About the Different Energy Companies

I had heard about Texans being able to select their own electricity provider, but I was not sure what that meant for me. I didn’t want to pick one at random without knowing anything about it, so I decided to go online to see if I could learn anything about the different Texas energy companies. I thought that I would have to go to each provider’s company website to determine which one was the right fit for me, but I found something that was even better than doing that. I was able to go to a website that actually did all the homework for people like me.

Since it is not a particular energy company’s website, it is completely unbiased. I was able to learn about Texas Bill 7, which is the deregulation bill that came into play to allow Texans to choose their own electricity provider. That was interesting to learn, but I was mostly interested in the different companies so I could determine if one was a better fit for me over the others. This site had all of the different providers on it with a brief history of each one as well as a comprehensive look at what they offer to customers and the communities.

I never realized that so many companies actually do a lot of community work, but these energy providers do. I am not sure if it is because of the competitive factor or if they genuinely care about the area they are providing service to, but I would guess that it is the latter. People from the community work for these companies, so it just makes sense that they would want to give back to the area, since it ultimately helps them and their families too. I looked over each company, and I decided to go with one that not only does a lot of charity work in the area but they are extremely green too.