I Had a Bad Mosquito Problem

I know that mosquitoes can be a huge problem in some countries, but I never really thought that I would be affected by them as seriously as I was. My infestation started because of an abandoned house that bordered my back yard. Though it was a decent distance from the house, it was still not desirable living so close to it. This was especially true because when the homeowners had left, they did not drain an above ground pool in the back yard. One of the calls I eventually made over this was to a lawn care services company.

Of course, I first called the city officials who were in charge of situations like this. They were not able to just come out and tear the house down and drain the pool though. They had to go through their own process, which meant that the swimming pool was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It would have been okay if they had stayed around the pool, but that is never the case with these blood sucking creatures. I was looking online for tips on what I could do since I was not able to go and drain the pool myself, and that is how I found out about Emerald Lawn Care.

I would have thought that a company like this would be just for mowing the grass and perhaps a bit of landscaping. I never dreamed that they would have a division that handles pests like mosquitoes and ticks as well as other bugs that are bothersome. They were able to come out and spray heavily, which helped immensely. Around this time, the city was able to get the pool drained legally as well, which was another help. I don’t understand how people can just abandon things like that, but I am so grateful that there are people like the workers at Emerald who are able to help make problems go away.