Curiousity Clogged the Toilet Bowl

My curious son flushed my house keys, along with some other things down the toilet. Luckily for me, they didn’t go completely down the drain, but they were stuck in the pipe. I put in an emergency call to one of the Frome plumbers in the hopes that they would be able to fish the keys out. The plumber came and stuck a tool down in the toilet hole to dig out the keys and everything else that was stuck. I thoroughly washed off the keys with soap and bleach to clean any bacteria that might have been on them, and then I had a long talk with my son.

I explained to my son that he shouldn’t be flushing anything down the toilet that isn’t human waste or toilet paper. I could already imagine him thinking about how much toilet paper he could flush down the toilet, so I explained to my son further not to use too much toilet paper. I did a little demonstration to show him what would happen by putting enough toilet paper in the toilet to make the water rise beyond the point that it normally reaches. The water stopped rising just short of the inner rim, and if I had packed it with any more toilet paper, it would have overflowed onto the floor. I used the plunger to loosen the toilet paper and send it on its way.

Kids do some pretty weird things, but I was never one to do anything with the toilet. The first time I saw a toilet overflow, I became fearful of flushing any foreign objects down it. Not to mention my parents told me never to do anything like that or they would punish me, and having been punished for other things before, I knew they meant business.