A Renovation Loan Will Help Me Fix What I Let Go

When I got my first home, I really didn’t realize just how much upkeep they need over time. With a newer home, it is not something that happens quickly at all. But year after year, it gets a little bit older and things need to be watched and cared for. I didn’t do that as I should have. I kept putting things off until 10 years later, many things needed to be fixed. I did not have the money saved to do it, though. I finally realized that it would behoove me to get a renovation loan before things got worse.

I have had friends and family who have found themselves needing massive work done to the places where they live because they let things go. I don’t mean that it is simply easier to keep up with things as they come. I am talking about that if you let things go, it can easily cause even more damage. For example, the paint began chipping off my windows years ago. I always meant to do something about it, but didn’t. Since my windows have wood frames, water seeped in behind the chipped paint and rotted the wood. Wooden windows cost an arm and a leg, so that was out of the question. I had to buy metal windows, which don’t have the same character at all. Not only that, but I would not have needed to replace the windows at all if I had just kept them painted and sealed long ago.

I also let my roof go over time. I had a leak in one room, and it spread over time. Then, another leak appeared in another room, and over time, that one also spread. It really was ridiculous that I did nothing about it. I could have paid a handyman to come over to patch up the roof. Instead, letting it go so long meant that I needed a new roof altogether.