A Leak in the Water Heater

The water heater in my basement started to leak unexpectedly one day. It was a slow leak that was running down the side of the water heater. I wouldn’t have noticed the leak if I hadn’t gone down to the basement to look for some old tools. I heard something dripping in the silence of the basement and the first thing that came to mind was the water heater. I looked for water heater repair in Los Angeles, and hoped that the heater could be fixed. The cost of a new water heater and replacement labor would have been more than I had in savings.

A local repair man came with a truck full of tools and parts and looked at the water heater to see where the leak was coming from. There was a small section on one of the pipes that were coming from the heater where the water was dripping. He had to turn off the water supply and loosen the pipe and remove it. With the pipe off, he took a new one from the parts section of his truck and put it in place of the old one. He then soldered the pipe into place so it would be secure and leak proof.

The repair man turned the water back on and there were no leaks coming from the heater. The cost of repair was much less than I figured it would be. I was able to pay with cash, and the repair man went on his way. I had been using containers to catch the water that was leaking from the heater. I had to dump them out and then clean up around the heater, because some of the water had splashed on the floor after dripping into the containers. Luckily there was no wood around for mold to grow.